There's no one like you.

aku cinta kamu ♥ || i love you ♥

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friendly reminder that… we are all here too.

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A moment of silence for Park Yongin, Park Hyeon Seok & Cheon Kyeong Tae.


Thank you for taking care of our leader ever since he was born.

May you rest in peace in heaven.


: Germany (At) a beer festival…^^  (c)

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kyuhyun the explorer

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You’re an angel in disguise 

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Anonymous sent: omg do you know where the audio clip of Kyuhyun introducing himself as SM The Ballad's Kyuhyun is from? It's the one where he sings his own name and asasdlsiadliadnljadncljadnjlc it's so gorgeous orz



Omfg, it only took me an hour, but I finally found it!!! Here. :) It was originally from SM the Ballad’s appearance on Noh Hongchul’s Best Friend (101223), but I think MBC took them all down and I couldn’t find it on their channel D: But ;oawifjeaw;e<333


140913 SS5 in Guangzhou: SJ members screaming

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Eunhyuk told SJ to scream together so all of them did but sneaky Hyuk didn’t scream! Kyuhyun looks so cute when he screams while Sungmin looks….LOL. Also, SJ told fans on the second and third floor to take turns to scream and they did, but when they asked the staff and security to scream, there was absolute silence HAHAHA.